City Hall in Quito Ecuador released their new project BICI-Q that is a system of public bikes. Here a brief description of the project:
  • 21 stations
  • 425 bikes
  • Bikes with urban design
  • Small basket to carry items
  • Design so a person with skirt can still use the bike
  • User have to register in advance, so if your are traveling into Quito make sure you do that.
  • $25 anual fee for your subscription and ID
  • per 45 minutes use
  • Edad mínima 16 años
  • The system allow you to pick up a bike from a one station and return it to any another station of the sytem
  • BiciQ operates 364 days of the year, except  January 1st from 07 AM to 7 PM.
  • Official Web Site
  • BiciQ is a nice service that allow us to tour the city and run our errants in a very inexpensive way, it is quick, and easy to use within the urban area from Estación Norte del Trolebús, La Y, until Plaza de Santo Domingo, in the Quito’s historical district.


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